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1. Put your iTunes on shuffle and list the first 25 songs
2. Link to the song lyrics (doing one better, linking to the songs. Ha. You can simply listen to them or DL them.)
3. Post the songs for others to give you prompts based on the song of their choice.

**A general mood will be taken into consideration if given. Please specify if you'd like to see your muse in the drabble or not or a specific scene.**

Also, if there's a specific verse or what-have-you you want, let me know.

1. Starlight -- Muse

2. Me so Horny - 2 Live Crew

3. Whose Bed Have your Boots Been Under -- Shania Twain

4. Pioneer to the Falls -- Interpol

5. Life in a Northern Town -- Little Big Town, Sugarland, and Jake Owens

6. Come Sail Away -- Eric Cartman

7. Saltydog -- Flogging Molly

8. How Soon is Now -- The Smiths

9. Jack Daniels -- Miranda Lambert

10. Fuck the Pain Away -- The Peaches

11. Where the Blacktop Ends -- Keith Urban

12. Why Don't you get a Job? -- The Offspring

13. I Drink Alone -- George Thorogood

14. Beethoven's 5th -- Transiberian Orchestra

15. An End Has a Start -- The Editors

16. Cash Machine -- Hi-Fi

17. Lonley is the Night -- Billy Squire

18. The Skins -- Scissor Sisters

19. Mercy Fuck -- Mary Prankster

20. Zero -- Yeah Yeah Yeahs

21. Indie RnR -- The Killers

22. Teardrop -- Massive Attack

23. Get my Drink On -- Toby Keith

24. Believe -- The Bravery

25. Rocky Road to Dublin -- Dropkick Murphy's
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